Chapter 4 - Preferences

4 Preferences

The Washing Machine Preferences pane allows you to make changes to some of the settings which impact how the application functions.  This allows you to personalize your experience.  To open the Preferences pane, click the word Washing Machine in the top left corner of your computer screen (next to the Apple logo) and click Preferences in the drop down menu.  You can also access Preferences from inside Washing Machine by pressing the Command and comma keys on your keyboard.


Help Overlays:  You can reset the help overlays so that they reappear when you launch the application again.  If you are looking for basic instructions while using the application, this may be useful.
Notifications:  If you accidentally dismiss a notification and want to see it again, click here.
Feedback:  Intego software periodically collects information about how features are used to help improve their quality and reliability.  All information collected is fully anonymous and cannot be used to personally identify any particular user or their behavior.


Washing Machine can remind you when you have not scanned your computer recently.  By default, you will be reminded every two weeks.  You can change this setting to Every Month, or Every 3 Months.  You can also disable this feature entirely by unchecking the box:  Remind me about maintenance.


The Advanced preferences let you modify how the Washing Machine scanner functions.  This gives you more control over how the scanner and cleaning operations work.

Duplicates:  By default, Washing Machine will not scan external devices for duplicate files.  If you want your external devices to be included in your scans, uncheck this box.  (Note:  This will increase scan times).
Don't Scan:  You can also tell Washing Machine to ignore certain files and folders when scanning for duplicates.  This can be useful if you intentionally have a large library of duplicate photos for example.
Dock:  When using the Organize feature, Washing Machine will scan your entire computer for applications you frequently use.  If you want to exclude applications located outside of the Applications or Utilities folders you can uncheck these boxes.
Reclaim:  When deleting Trash, Washing Machine will also delete Trash located on external devices.  Uncheck this option if you only want to delete Trash from your internal Macintosh HD drive.
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