Chapter 2 - Basic Overview

2 Basic Overview


When you launch Washing Machine for the first time, the program will display it's serialization window:

Enter your name or company and your serial number.  These fields are both required.  If you purchased a downloadable version of the software, your serial number was sent to you in an e-mail confirmation.  When you have entered this information, click OK.  The program will now open.

Using Washing Machine in Evaluation Mode

Washing Machine offers an evaluation mode for all to discover how the program works before you make your purchase.  To use the evaluation mode, click "Evaluate" when the registration screen displays.

When Washing Machine runs in evaluation mode, it is fully-functional for 30 days.  Intego provides a demonstration version of it's software so users can try out the application to see if the software is compatible with their Macs and their needs.  The demonstration version is provided as an example of the program's features and functions, with the exception that the demonstration version cannot Clean or Tidy your computer.  At the end of this period, you can either purchase a serial number for the application or uninstall it from your computer.

You can find out how much time is left in your evaluation session by displaying the 'About Washing Machine' screen.  To do this, select About... from the Washing Machine main menu in the top left corner of the computer screen.  The About screen tells you that the program is in evaluation mode, and shows the time remaining.

First Time Usage

The main overview window gives information about how much free space you've cleaned from your Mac using the application.  You can start a clean cycle by selecting it from the top left corner of the window.

There are three Cycle options provided:

Reclaim - This cycle seeks out files you no longer use or need and quickly cleans them from your machine, freeing up space and boosting your Mac's performance.
Duplicates - Washing Machine is the only Mac cleaner that can find all duplicate files on your Mac. It is the only cleaner available that identifies duplication files by analyzing their bits.  Other programs locate duplicates by analyzing timestamps and file names, missing those files that have different timestamps or files that have been renamed.
Organize - This cycle is your key to an optimized Desktop organized for efficiency.  Keep your Desktop clutter free, organize your Dock with the applications you access most often, and create Smart Folders to quickly access frequently used files.

Each section is covered in more detail in the next chapter.
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