How long should Washing Machine take to scan my computer?

The amount of time Washing Machine takes to complete a scan will vary greatly from computer to computer.  The number of files and file types on your computer will have an impact on the scan process. 

In general, a Duplicates Scan will take the most amount of time to complete. This is because it scans the bits in each file and compares these bits to the bits of other files. 

If you are scanning external or network devices and volumes, then this will increase scan times as well.  In some cases scans may run for more than 24 hours.  You can disable the option to scan external or network drives when you see the following window that will appear before you start your scan.  (You can also disable this option from Washing Machine Preferences)

How can I tell if Washing Machine is still scanning and is not frozen?

You can determine if the scan is still running properly by observing the "green lights" that move around the Scan button at the top of the window. (see image below)  As long as the lights continue to move, Washing Machine is working as expected.

If you believe the scan process is frozen or hanging, please Contact Support.

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