How do I uninstall Washing Machine?


Proper removal of the software package requires using the Installer package located in your software bundle (WashingMachine.dmg).  If you have manually attempted to remove the software, you will need to first, reinstall the software again, then use the same Installer package to properly remove the application.

To download your Washing Machine software again, click the link in the e-mail you received at the time of purchase or download the software from the Washing Machine website:


When you open the disk image file, double-click on the Washing Machine Installer.

You will have the option to Uninstall Software.  Click on Uninstall Software.

When you click Uninstall Software, you will see a window with Washing Machine listed.  Place a check next to Washing Machine and click the Uninstall button.

You will be prompted to enter your computer's Administrator password to proceed.  Once you have entered the password, Washing Machine will be completely uninstalled from your computer.
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